Rules of conduct

These are the rules that a bettingin user must abide by. If the user breaks the rules we hold the right to delete the content or in some cases block the users account indefinetly.

  • No advertising or spamming of any betting or non-betting related content are allowed. That means no texts, links or invitations to other websites or services etc. The site is intended for free betting information only. The only advertising that is allowed is by our own sponsors.
  • No swearing, insulting, provoking, rasism, excessive nationalism or any kind of unprofesionall behaviour. We realize that betting is an emotional game but that is no reason not to act like a grown adult. If you are the target of any of these, DO NOT respond but notify the admins so they can resolve the conflict.
  • Do not tell us who to ban from the site. We accept suggestions and complaints and not orders. We warn every user before we block his/her account in exception being the users that have excessively violated the rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why dont you allow adverising, promoting or taking credit for my content?

Well its quite simple really ... becuse this is not a trash bin for people to exploit and throw ads for their betting services and such. We want to offer free information and not be let the post wall be saturated with useless content that has nothing to do with betting. As far as the the user being able to put a credit for their posts or content that they post ... well we cannot allow that since other users will allways use that as an excuse to post and promote their own service without giving anything valuable to the community first.

We have allowed this in the past but have decided to discontinue it because of the exploitation.

So please dont write to us, i cant do this and that, becuse we heard it all and their is no reason why you should not post FREE content.

What is "Popularity" and how is it calculated?

Popularity is a bettingin rank based on how popular the user is in the community. It DOES NOT evaluate the users betting success!

Popularity is calculated as follows: POPULARITY = (POSTS / LIKES) * FOLLOWERS

Based on the calculated number the user is given a certain rank:
Newbie: 0 - 9
Rookie: 10 - 249
Pro: 250 - 999
Superstar: 1000 - 4999
Legend: 5000 >

I don't understand the language! How can i translate?

You can translate every post by hovering the post until a drop menu icon apears on the top right side of the posts. The same goes for comments where you will see a blue button apear when you hover the comment text.

How do i create a post and upload a bet slip?

You can add you first post very quickly and easily. In the top menu on the "Home" page you can pick to add a post or upload a bet slip to showcase to other tipsters. Enter the post title, tags, your text, add your bet slip and after your finished press the green button to "Create your post or bet slip".

To add a bet slip choose bet slip from the posting panel and press the "Add Bet Slip" button. A popout window will open where you can either upload or create your betting slip.

What is GuessTheScore?

Guess the Score is a monthly competition where tipsters compete in predicting their favorite sport events. Our sponsors give out prizes every month for the first 10 competitors.

Go to to find out more about the competition.

What is "Supporter" status and how can i become a supporter?

Coming soon...

Where can i write a suggestion or complaint to the admins?

You can use the feedback form located in the upper right menu under feedback or write us at

What are "Picks"?

Coming soon...

Where can i watch Live Streaming of my favorite sports events?

You can watch live streaming and follow your favorite sports events and their results at and

#Hashtags and @Mentions?

With the help of sign like # and @ you can easily asign tags and mention other bettingin users in your posts. To create a hashtag put a '#' before a chosen word. This will create a link to the tag so users can search posts with specific tags.
Ex: A great match for #Barcelona today!

To mention a user in a post you can use a '@' sign and that way create a link to the mentioned user.
Ex: Thank to @someuser44 for his tip ;)