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SPORT: Basketball
LEAGUE: Serbia: Superleague
MATCH: Mega Vizura VS Partizan: 1
ODDS: 2.0 (bet365)
REASON: Partizan finished league part in the first place and secured more matches at home in the playoffs . Although with a lot of pressure , sanctions, planting and similar Partizan is deservedly on the board . It was really turbulent in the last days of the first win over one and then the other of the FMP with large fines that went only to our address of irregular elected Commissioner league , which is set to Partisans does not help financially and poor in the trial court. Therefore, Vujoševic lost his temper a little too far but I do not blame him and I would also acted as he did if I were him. In this game one of our best coaches in history, said that the most important thing to rest players before the playoffs , and there is certainly meant Lovernja Pavlovic and Bogdanovic, who was perhaps the Vujoševic, he was angry and he was even caught in her throat , but if you might gave him a chance to redeem himself then Bertans will be the one to move into the stands . Without secure the top 3 players of Partizan will be harder to win against a team that is young and that will not make much of rest of the roster , and with a long bench. That's clear analysis that someone would invest the money in Partizan and gave him a hatred, because he lost money and did not know why Partizan played worse...see more
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yoghurtna principu medsebojnih tekem bi ti stave igral ? e brate, ne boš daleč prišel s takšnim razmišljanjem...
Jun 04 aP 21:43
dulckurcprjatu js sm uceri stave zadeu..sam si stavil na principu tega da partizan ne rabi zmage zakaj bi mega rabila zmago si se to vprasau? ce pa nekdo v medsebojnih zmaga vse tekme nevem zakaj bi stavu na kontra ekipo :) si imel ze svoj razlog js sm se zadovoljiu z 1.80 kvoto .lp...see more
Jun 06 aA 01:04