Servette this year entered in the first division, and their first goal is to stay in this division. In 16 rounds collected solid 21points. They play better in away games than at home. Home record is 3 wins and 5 defeats. For this meeting have a huge problem with squad. Suspended: defenders Jacques Moubandje(12apps 1 goal), Vincent Ruefli(14apps) midf Marcos De Azevedo (14apps 3 goal) and Xavier Kouassi (13 apps) and injured: defenders Jerome Schneider(5apps), Patrick Baumann( 8apps 1 goal), and foward Julian Esteban (8apps).

Zurich is not in good form they collected 17 points in 16 rounds, 4 points behind Servette. So they plan is to join the upper part of Table. In away games beat some of the best clubs in Switzerland: Basel, Young Boysi, Thun and I believe that they can beat Sevette. They only have out 3 players: foward Alphonse (12apps 3 goal) midf Kukuruzovic (5apps 1 goal) and Milan Gajic (6apps).

All in all home team have big problems with squad. Zurich should take advantage of that and take the three points. GL!
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