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**23.11. Irko NBA tip: Miami Heat - Charlotte Hornets **

00:00 Miami Heat - Charlotte Hornets

I don't know if I will be able to watch but I will add this pick to my bets.
Miami Heat isn't so impresive in this season, they are 7-6 so far and only 3-4 at home. Chris Bosh is their bright star in team where he is proving he is still a great all-around player. Bosh had averaged 13.5 points on 28.3 % shooting over a 4 game stretch before scoring a combined 60 pts in the last 2 games. Also Chambers is stepping up because Wade is out and his scoring is higher then ussual - averaging 20.0 points over his last five games. Their key weakness is defence under the board and offence generally. They lost 3 straight at home in which they were scoring only 84 ppg. They are struggling in offence, especially if CB has an off night...
Charlotte is also struggling and they are only 4-9 so far in the season. But you can't expect big number from a team which was even worst last 2 seasons. They are young team and I can say they are improving. Their recent defeat was against Orlando and that was an ugly one because they were already up by 20 pts and had a victory in their hand...but they really messed up in 4th quarter. I am sure they won't let that happen again. Jefferson and Walker are their key guys and I am expecting big game from Jefferson as he doesn't really have a competition under the board. History showes that as he has put together 5 consecutive double-doubles against Miami, averaging 25.4 ppg on 56% shooting and 13.4 boards.
Both teams aren't playing good, Miami have Bosh and Chalmers in offence but Cole and Wade is out so it won't be an easy game and I belive Jeffersen can be player of the game in this one. It should be close...

Tip: Charlotte Hornets +4.5 pts
(Prediction: 95-92)

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Nov 23 aP 22:54-Share-Comment-Like
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Nov 24 aA 11:48
irko18Hvala :)
Ft: Miami Heat 94-93 Charlotte Hornets
Nov 25 aP 18:06


**20.11. Irko NBA tip: Sacramento Kings - Chicago Bulls **

04:30 Sacramento Kings - Chicago Bulls

This game is really late in the game but that's normal as it will be played in Sacramento.
Sacramento is 6-5 so far in the season but they had some bright spots. Cousins is really playing good under the basket so far, avg. 22.5 ppg, 11.6 reb and 1.7 assists per game - monster numbers. Also Rudy Gay which recently signed a new contract is playing great - avg. 21.8 ppg, 6.5 rebounds and 3.6 assists per game. Both of they are listet as questionable for tonight but trust me, both of them will play. Also Mclomore and Collinson is stepping up. Big issue for them is turnovers and that cost them recent defeat at home vs. Pelicans. In rebounding department they are amazing and another prove is 52-32 advantage vs. Pelicans. They have power inside but if they want to have chance against bigger teams they will need to play smart - stay out of TO and fouls.
Chicago are 8-3 so far in the season but their bigest surprise is playing on road. They are undefeated so far 6-0 on the road avg. high 104.7 points per game. So it won't be easy game for Kings for sure. Rose is back on injury list as I said early in the season, he will be on that list more and more. He is out for tonight, also Gasol is steal healing so he won't play. They still have Butler, Dunleavy and Noah in the team and I am sure they will have high numbers tonight. Butler is averaging a team-leading 21.3 points, including 25.0 over the last three games. He's shooting 50.8 %.
These 2 teams are different and you should be careful which to chose but Sacramento have full team and if Cousins-Gay will have a big game this should be a first defeat on the road for the Bulls - but it won't be easy.

Tip: Sacramento Kings +2.5
Tip#2: Under 196.5 pts
(Prediction: 98-95)

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irko18Ft: Sacramento Kings 103-88 Chicago Bulls
Nov 21 aP 13:14

**14.11. Irko NBA tips **

02:00 New Orleans Pelicans-Minnesota Timberwolves

I will post several tips for you tonight because off my absance in last couple off days.
First game I like is NOP playing at home. they are 4-3 so far in the season and tonight they will try to get second straight win against weak Minnesota. Davis is an absolute monster under the board avg. 24.9 points, 12.9 rebounds, 4.4 blocks and 2.3 steals per game - career best so far. Also Omer Asik deserves a credit under the board, especially in D avg. 1.4 block per game. As a team they are allowing only 39% FG to opponent. With Evans, Holiday, Anderson they can be an offensive force through regular season and I think with this style of play they could achive Playoff and a round or two in playoffs, but it's too eraly to say that. I don't know what to say more about this team, if you watched their play you know they are beast in offence and with Davis inside also in defence.
On other side Minnesota are young team with fast pace of play. They have young legs and can do damage to teams which are slow - bot one of them aren't Hornets. Rubio is out because of his injury and that really shows, he is not allstar but he is their key playmaker and he is moving the ball really well. Higgins so far didn't impressed me, avg. 10 ppg and 3 reb. per game. Those are low numbers for his so call potencial. Rookie LaVine took Rubio place and he is trying to establish himself in a team but the whole team will want more from Kevin Martin. He combined 20 pts in his last 2 game but previusly he had 21, 24, 34 ppg...
Minnesota can do some damage but I fon't think they have a big chance here tonight, they've lost 8 of 11 matchup. NOP are simple better in D and offence and should show tonight, especially with motivated Davis inside. T. Young is out (avg. 14 pts for MIN).

Tip: NOP -4.5 pts
(Prediction: 102-93)

03:00 Phoenix Suns-Charlotte Hornets

Next tip from me is from Phoenix. They are surprising me so far and they are 5-3 so far. Green and Thomas are both starting from the bench but they are both in great form and avg. team high in scoring (17 and 15 ppg). Tonight they will want 6th straight win over Charlotte and that is probable. Now they have 2 straight wins, first over GSW and second over Brooklyn, really impresive play from them. Both victories was at home so they will try to get another one at home. The Suns are second in the league with 17.5 fast break points per game. Yes, hornets are holding only to 9 pts in that department per game but they have serious injury issues. G. Dragić is also playing in high note avg. 15 pp and 3 assists per game. Allin all they are offensive high tempo team and loves to play in transitions.
Charlotte aren't so impresive but they are playing better then last year. Now they have 2 straight defeats, both on the road. LAL weak team defeat them 107-92 and their last defeat was in Portland - where they were really good and impresive but fall short in the end. Big issue for them are injuries, MKD is out and possably also Williams and Stephenson - 3 key guys so only Jefferson is holding up but hi has a bed history in offence against Phoenix.
If Green-Thomas combination can contribute another big game tonight then this can be an easy game but Charlotte can do some damage with Jefferson on top... but the Suns should take 3rd straight win tonight.

Tip: Phoenix Suns -2.5 pts
(Prediction: 102-95)

01:30 Atlanta Hawks-Miami Heat

Battle beetween these 2 is always good to watch. Atlanta is playing similar style as SAS, maybe not so effective but style is really similar. Afcourse their coach was working under Popovich for a long time, so no surprise. Their starting SF Carrollis out but they have solid replacement in Sefolosha who had 10 pts in last win over Utah. As a team they are playing solid D and they have 3 straight wins - aginst Utah and both vs NYK. Also is interesting that they manages to grab all 3 matchups vs Miami in 2014. Atlanta are allaround team, Teague is playing good outside and with cutting defence and Millsap can be a beast inside. He was key player in last match against his previous team - Charlotte, 30 pts. Key factor for them could be inside play especailly over Millsap, Miami don't have a good center at all.
Miami are different team then we used to and we all know that but they showed some good games so far. they are struggling in offence but with healthy Wade and Bosh they can still be great. Defence could save them as they are allowing only 91 ppg and only 29% from 3-point land. That could be a game changer tonight but they still have a big issue, bimens inside - they don't have it and Atlanta are really good in that department. Otherwise they can compete against anyteam if their offence is klicking. Big news for tonight is Wade is out and with this news and with previous prediction i pick home team to take another win, but it could stay close.

Tip: Altanta Hawks
(Prediction: 95-90)

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Nov 14 aP 21:56-Share-Comment-Like
irko18New Orleans Pelicans 139-91 Minnesota Timberwolves WIN
Phoenix Suns 95-103 Charlotte Hornets Lost
Atlanta Hawks 114-103 Miami Heat WIN
Nov 15 aP 12:59

Pick: La Clippers-Por T Blazers

Moj pick za La Clippers-Por T Blazers je 1 | BetClic @ 1,52
Nov 08 aP 21:18-Share-Comment-Like
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irko18+ Over 200 pts @1.61
Nov 08 aP 21:19
irko18FT: 106-102 WIN & WIN
Nov 09 aA 00:04
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