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Real to win cup
Menim,da po dosežene zadetku so v psihološkI prednosti.
Plus imajo bolj izkušeno moštvo!
Aug 10 aA 00:30-Share-Comment-Like
kingpin14ČUdovit prodor. Čestitke obema. Hala Madrid
Aug 10 aA 01:05

Luzerm x1

Universitario Sucre vs Wilsterman
Wilsterman pride z drugo ekipo.
Pick: OVER 2.5 GOALS
May 25 aP 19:17-Share-Comment-Like


Le Havre - Bourg Peronnas
Well Le Hareve is chasing a miracle in this game but why not to try it with over goals. If only if Metz lose in Lans they need i think 6 or 7 goal win to overcome Metz on standings :D I think this will be an open game for sure Le Harve will be attacking from minute one. Last meeting they beat them away from home with 1:3. Le harve is with out Mombriss, Puel and Duhamel. I have no info about Bourg, but i think they achived they goal for the season staying in it. They dont have to motive and for sure they will rotate. I hope this will be crazy goal match and Le Harve will win this for sure that would be a good bet too. Good luck.
Pick:over 2,5 Odd:1,65 e stave
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May 13 aP 12:55-Share-Comment-Like

Orebro - Hammarby

Orebro can make a great surprise this year. Gustavvson and Persson are playing very well and their effort motivate other players too. The biggest disadvantege of this team is consist of lots of young players. They are just unexperienced and need some team. They were leading 2-1 on Kalmar road but lost the game 3-2. They could not handle the fans pressure and conceded at 87th minute goal. Orebro scored 15 goals in 6 matches.

On the other hand, Hammarby is one of the oldest club. They are looking for their past success. At the moment They are suffering a lot of injury problems. That is the main reason they did bad start to the season.

When we consider two teams' offensive capability and lots of new faces in defence, It will be good bet on over.

Last 5 games where all over 2,5 .

GL !
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May 09 aP 12:49-Share-Comment-Like
May 13 aP 12:57


The reem vs arlovski

Pick:over 1,5 rounds


Za overimaza je to potencjalna borba za naslov:Je 3 na lestvici in je naslednji na vrsti za borbo za prvaka.

Od kar je menjal camp je njegovo gibanje dosti bolše in se ne zaletava več.

Menim,da bo kopija borbe cigano ben,samo da bo tukaj pado Ko v 3 ali 4 rundi.

Singe bet

Bigfoot to win 2,7


overim to win

Edwards to win

Khabilov to win

Horiguchi to win


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May 07 aP 15:23-Share-Comment-Like
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