When you think about odds betting/trading it is all about one question:

Shall we go for or against the market?
It is simple in principle, but not still not that easy.....
How can we make it easy and make consistent profits from it?
Look up all the top leagues in football Europe.
Pick 10 top teams and ask yourself.
For or against the team?
How many favorites lose or get a draw every week?
Do we dare to go against the market on certain favorites this weekend?

Discuss it here, please.
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BettingmanWe continue the discussion today. Same concept. For or against the market. Pick the matches.
Sep 02 aA 09:28
BettingmanI would say Lay Liverpool today and go against the market on Liverpool. Lay @2.04. I don't like Arsenal, so this would be dirty money :-)-
Sep 02 aA 11:53