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Double of the evening

Padova vs Verona X2
Celta Vigo v Sevilla X2

Total odds: 2,07

Good luck!
Oct 05 aP 18:23-Share-Comment-Like
Oct 05 aP 19:41

Play of the day

After looking at the Europa League fixtures today, I consider Atletico Madrid as the Play of the day @ 1.75.

Please discuss the play of the day.
Sep 20 aA 11:08-Share-Comment-Like
nokaut250Coach Diego Simone has decided not to pick the star of the team Falcao , defenders Felipe Luis and Diego Godin, midfielders Arda Turan and captain Gabi. Also Tiago Mendes is suspended so he didn't travel as well. Those players have scored almost the entire goals for Atletico so far in this season....see more
Sep 20 aA 11:22
BettingmanThanks for the info. Many good players out there, but this will give other young talents the chance as well. If they have ambition, they need to succeed against a team like Hapoel Tel Aviv. I play Atletico anyway.
Sep 20 aA 11:46

Lay of the day: Liverpool

Lay of the day: Liverpool @ 2.04 (Betfair)

Good Luck!
Sep 02 aP 12:20-Share-Comment-Like

For or against the market? That is the question

When you think about odds betting/trading it is all about one question:

Shall we go for or against the market?
It is simple in principle, but not still not that easy.....
How can we make it easy and make consistent profits from it?
Look up all the top leagues in football Europe.
Pick 10 top teams and ask yourself.
For or against the team?
How many favorites lose or get a draw every week?
Do we dare to go against the market on certain favorites this weekend?

Discuss it here, please.
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Sep 01 aA 10:45-Share-Comment-Like
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BettingmanWe continue the discussion today. Same concept. For or against the market. Pick the matches.
Sep 02 aA 09:28
BettingmanI would say Lay Liverpool today and go against the market on Liverpool. Lay @2.04. I don't like Arsenal, so this would be dirty money :-)-
Sep 02 aA 11:53

Lay/Play of the day: Lay Liverpool

I have been monitoring the transfer market in the English Premier League, and last year's league winners Man City will take on Liverpool at Anfield today.
Considering the new players for both teams, I find Man City huge favorites in this match.

In my opinion, Liverpool have the most boring team in the whole Premier League at the moment. No exciting players at all. (Ok, new signing Sahin is quite good). Apart from that, I cannot believe that the scouts at Liverpool can work in a football club.

Man City should win this match, but in football you can see surprises. I don't believe Liverpool will be able to win this one, though.

Discuss it......
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Aug 26 aA 10:41-Share-Comment-Like
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BettingmanPlease discuss it and we conclude together before we place our trade.
Aug 26 aA 11:13
BettingmanA winning trade!
Aug 27 aP 17:31
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